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We are so certain that we can improve your life that we have a money back guarantee on all our PT and Small Group PT. If our coaches cannot add massive value then our time is free and we will refund your money no questions asked!

Laura Manning (15 weeks)

Weight         Body fat %         Hips            Waist

Before        62.7kg               28.6%            95cm              76cm

After           53.3kg                17.6%            91cm              65cm

Sam Nunney (12 weeks)

             Weight        Body fat %     Hips       Waist    Fatty Mass      Lean Mass

 Before   65.3kg          32.9%            99cm        75.5cm         21.2kg                  42.3kg

After      59.3kg          23.6%            93cm          68.5cm       14.2kg                  46.1kg

Brett – 6 Months – Slow and steady wins the race!

Date               Weight           Body fat %       Fatty Mass         Fat Free Mass

16/09             89.4kg               26.8%                  24kg                     65.4kg

07/10             87.1kg               24.6%                   21.4kg                    65.7kg

28/11             84.5kg               25.1%                   21.2kg                    63.3kg

01/12             81.6kg               23.1%                   18.8kg                    62.8kg

01/03            79.3kg               22.1%                   17.6kg                    61.7kg

Client Testimonial:
Losing weight (and getting much fitter in the process) is hard enough without trying to go it solo.
Thanks to Ben, Rod and the team at Platinum Personal Training, I’ve lost 10kg in 3 months, put on muscle and generally feel much fitter and stronger than I have in years.
I think my story must be pretty typical – after being very active in my teens and twenties, life just slowly got the better of me. Putting on a kilo every year or so in my 30’s the weight sort of just snuck up on me. With the big 4.0. just round the corner it was time to really see how hard I could still push myself.
The first session of HIIT was an eye-opener and really put into perspective how much those extra couple of inches round the middle were holding me back.
It was tough going for the first couple of weeks but pretty soon I was in the groove and then weirdly enough I found myself looking forward to the next punishing session. It also helps that the results start showing pretty damn quickly and the workouts change every few weeks to keep it all interesting.
The workouts themselves are awesome, short and intense, but I think the reason this program has worked for me is that they are just one part of a bigger picture that the team at Platinum PT have put together. The one-on-one advice, tailored diet plans, info-packed emails and social media group support have all been invaluable.
The best thing about Platinum PT are the trainers themselves, they are all genuinely nice guys and always up for a chat about your goals and what tweaks you can make to get the most from your diet and training plan.
If you a looking to trim down or just get fitter and stronger I can definitely recommend having a chat with one of the guys about your goals. All in all this has been a fantastic experience.
~Ron Cuadra~
Client Testimonial:

Honest opinion, what you do and what you offer is working, I’m hooked!

Initially what appealed to me was what was offered by The PT Space. No contracts, professional personal consultations, monitoring progression and small, personal classes ( that don’t cost an arm and a leg).

What I enjoy about the PT Space and what has been behind my success so far is the overall interaction, with both my trainer Ben and the people, now mates I train with. We all have different abilities, with varied personal goals, but we all have the same aim and underlying motivation, to be fit and healthy.

Being in a smaller group, I find personally drives my goals, with support from both my trainer Ben and my teammates. This includes fun sessions with words of encouragement, shared recipe ideas, team morale and a qualified trainer/mate to monitor your posture, technique, performance and progression.

What has also added to my success so far is my one to one consultations with Ben, addressing things like my eating habits, daily routine, work, sleep and structuring a bespoke lifestyle change catered to me and tweaking it as I progress. I love the before and after pictures! A picture says a million words.

I have not missed a class to date, even bank holidays! If I cant do an evening session, ill be there at lunch.

It’s overall ownership of your health, your fitness with professional and personal support.

I’m on my way to owning the body that I’ve always wanted and overall I will have some additional damn good looking, fit team mates to enjoy and maintain it with.

~Laura Manning~