Below are a list of our most asked FAQs, if you don’t find what you are looking for here please send us a message from the Contact page.

What do I get with my FREE Anytime membership?

You can train at any of the Anytime gyms world wide.You have access to over 25 classes and small group sessions per week

Do I pay a joining Fee?

No. There is no joining fee. There is only a one-off access card issuing fee of $64.95.

Am I tied into a contract?

We ask that if you are wanting to join us on any one of our membership options, that you do so for 8 weeks to begin with. The reason for this is that we believe that it will take you 8 weeks to set up sustainable habits to ensure your long term success. If after committing for 8 weeks you decide that we are not the right fit for you all we need is 4 weeks notice and we can cancel your direct debit.

How do I pay?

All fees are direct debited fortnightly from your nominated credit card/bank account.

What facilities do you have?

We have full shower and changing room facilities. Please bring your own towel.

What are your opening times?

One of the benefits of being resident within an Anytime fitness is that we are open 24×7 every single day of the year.  PT times are typically from Monday to Friday 6am till 9pm. Please check out our timetable for more information on our Small Group Personal Training class times.

What about diet and nutrition?

We don’t believe in diets. Educating our clients to eat for health and wellness (and weight loss if that’s your goal) is our mission. No one who is healthy is ever fat. We will give you meal plans, recipes and personalised strategies depending on your time, budget and food preferences.

Check out our services on Nutritional Planning & Results Tracking

What kind of results can I expect?

Results are ultimately about how much change is required and how fast you can take on the coaching. It is impossible to act in the same way, but look a different way. The sooner you embrace the new you – a person who exercises 3 or more times per week; fuels your body accordingly; drinks enough water; and gets to bed on time – the greater your results will be. Body fat loss of 1kg per week is typical for our clients who are truly committed.

Remember, There is no magic bullet…big changes will take hard work, but we will help get you there.

I am very unfit and overweight, can I participate in your Small Group PT Classes?

Yes. You are the type of clients we are looking for. We provide a welcoming environment and are here to get you well on your way to losing fat. All fitness levels and body sizes are welcomed. You will not feel intimidated like you may have in the past, in big chain gyms.  Your skill or experience levels are not a factor as all the workouts are adapted for you. We have had many clients that have lost in excess of 30 – 40 Kgs that can now do chin ups. Anything is possible.

It’s important to remember that Small Group PT is NOT a bootcamp or group fitness class. It is tailored specifically to your needs in same way as personal training. In addition, training with a group has been shown to increase your motivation level and enjoyment of exercise.

That all said, If you feel that you would be more suited to, or your preference is to train alone, we have some talented personal trainers that are available for one on one PT.  Check out our page on Personal Training.

How long do the SGPT workouts last?

We are conscious of how under the pump you can be, especially in the Sydney CBD, so workouts are designed to last 45mins max. This is more than enough time to build yourself a great body.

How do we get such great results in such a short time?

Workouts are challenging & use big functional movements to burn the maximum amount of calories, combined with very little rest to boost your metabolism.

How much does SGPT cost?

It’s free!! No, no, no….wait…we have wives and children to feed. As much as we love what we do and would love to give it away we need to pay the bills. Instead we have designed the program to deliver maximum value at a price point that anyone can afford. There are 3 options available to suit your needs and budget. Check out our Pricing options.

How much does Personal Training cost?

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.  We wouldn’t entrust our goals to a trainer that was new to the fitness industry. Personal training is a premium service and we are competitively priced for personal training in the Sydney CBD.

Typically our half hour sessions are $60-$70 and our 45-60min sessions are $90-$120.



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