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Personal Training in Sydney CBD

Contrary to popular belief your trainer’s greatest value is not the workout, though all workouts should be personally challenging for you. Your trainers greatest value is keeping you consistent, accountable, and coaching you through the many obstacles that are present in your life that derail your efforts to look and feel better than you ever have before.

Consistency – how often do you have a few great weeks of training and eating properly and then it all comes undone? You just start to see results and then work gets busy, or you get sick, or you have three weddings in a row and are too tired or hungover to train or care about what you eat.

Each time this happens you start from square one again, and each time you start from the beginning it gets harder and harder. If a PT is waiting for you to arrive twice or three times per week and you keep those appointments through the good times and the bad you will take that journey of 1000 steps and will improve session to session and week to week. As long as the workout is challenging it matters not what the actual workout is, but rather that you actually did it.

Accountability – Accountability is nothing more than doing what you said you would do and having no room for excuses. We all find it all too easy to make great plans and promise great things, but then allow less important things to keep us from greatness. A coach knows what it takes to succeed and that is why a PT is a coach, because we know what it takes to have a great physique. We have the system. All we need to do is to get you to follow it. To be accountable to the steps that are required. If you follow the steps then success is guaranteed. Simple, but not easy.

Strategies and obstacles – how often do we look at a friends relationship, or a process at work and can instantly see what is wrong and how it can be fixed? Unfortunately we are not great at doing this when it concerns us. We are too close to the tree and can’t see the forest. Your trainers main job is to give you unemotional and impartial feedback on how things could be different for you. To advise you of the steps you can take to remove the obstacles. After all, the only person standing in the way of your ultimate physical self is YOU.

Unfortunately we can’t do the work for you so if you want magic to happen then you need to accept personal responsibility and take the coaching on board.

The right trainer can be a great investment in ensuring you achieve your goals. It is a premium service so the advice we give to all potential clients is to try out a few different trainers before you employ one to and not to make a decision based on price.

Better trainers, with a decade or more of experience, charge more. I am assuming that if you are reading this then you have already wasted thousands of dollars on gym membership fees over the years and still are not where you want to be. Am I right?

At the time, the $20 per week for the gym would have seemed like a great deal, but you get what you pay for and gym statistics tell us that for the majority of people you pay little and you get even less.

Hence the rise of the mighty personal trainer. Invest wisely and it could be the best money you ever spend!

How much does Personal Training cost?

The average cost for a Sydney CBD personal trainer is around

30 Minutes: $60-$70 

45-60 Mins: $90-$120 

It does depend on the skills and experience of the trainer that you are assigned. Please contact us to let us know what you need.

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