Results Tracking

Body Fat Analysis using Body Metrix Ultrasound

Scales are not an accurate measure of where you are at.
We use highly accurate Ultrasound body fat measurements to find out exactly how much muscle and how much fat you have.

Knowing your muscle mass, instead of how much you weigh on the scales, will help us determine exactly what your optimal calorie intake should be.

We will then use this to set you up you with your personalised Nutritional Plan & Food Diary.

A couple of months training with us and you will start to feel so much better in your clothes and be able to gauge how well you are doing.

Monthly Progress Checks

For those of you keen to see the figures, check in with us monthly and we will measure and track your progress.

We offer skin fold measurements to track your progress precisely with measurements (every 4 weeks). See the fat melt away guaranteed.

Tracking your measurements has been proven to increase your success and will also allow us to uncover any hormonal issues that could be preventing you from achieving your goals.

Remember, it’s not about the scales here. Your change in size is far more relevant and accurate.