Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training


  • Get Results Quickly
  • Cost Effective
  • Fit into your busy Schedule

Would you like to be one of only a handful of people to be a part of this exclusive fitness and weight loss community?

Introducing Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) at Platinum Personal Training in the Sydney CBD!

We offer Small Group Personal Training, this is different to the classes you may have done at a big chain gym where there are 20 plus people and one instructor.

We limit our sessions to a maximum of 9 people in each class. Sometimes it may be as few as 2-3 allowing for greater coaching of technique, monitoring of form and motivation from a highly experienced and qualified trainer.

We use only the most effective equipment, methods and systems. SGPT is NOT like Boot camp or large group fitness classes. You will not find Body Blast, Zumba or legs, bums and tums here!

It is tailored to each individual in the class, so that you are receiving the same service as personal training, just without the price tag!

You’ll be under the careful watch one of Sydney’s best personal training teams to ensure your technique is spot on and you are working hard enough to get the results you are after. Each workout will addresses your posture and flexibility (so you feel and move better), your strength (so you tone up or build muscle), and your metabolism (so you burn fat and look better). In addition, training with a group has been shown to increase your motivation level and enjoyment of exercise.

It’s the most cost effective way to get results quickly, as we recommend that anyone who wants to see effective changes, needs to be training at least 3 times a week.

Our sessions are designed to get results quickly & fit into your busy schedule and be an affordable solution to personal training.

This is high quality personal training that anybody can afford!

What kind of results can I expect?

Results are ultimately about how much change is required and how fast you can take on the coaching. It is impossible to act in the same way, but look a different way. If you are really serious about wanting to burn fat and keep it off, it’s super important to get your nutrition correct as well. That’s why  in addition to training, we offer complete nutrition planning, food diary coaching and Results tracking.

The sooner you embrace the new you – a person who exercises 3 or more times per week; fuels your body accordingly; drinks enough water; and gets to bed on time – the greater your results will be!  

Body fat loss of 1kg per week is typical for our clients who undertake our Platinum or Unlimited Packages

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